Fraser Island, Queensland | Beach Front Holiday House & Cottage

Travel Inland

Lake McKenzie is one of the jewels of Fraser Island. The best way to access the lake is via the well signposted inland tracks from Eurong, which is about an hours drive from our properties. A short walk leads to the picture postcard main beach and stunning blue waters, perfect for swimming. Most visitors stop at Lake McKenzie, but please also take the 10 minute stroll to the left around the lake and along the boardwalk to the equally magnificent but much less frequented second beach.

From Lake McKenzie a one-way track leads around to Central Station. This is a beautiful clearing within the tropical rainforest and the focal point of logging activities over 50 years ago. There are walking trails leading off in all directions and distances. The short walk down to Wanggoolba Creek is a must, if only to marvel at the ultra clear waters silently flowing over the the white sands of the valley floor. From here, guests may enjoy the circular walk along Pile Valley and around the head of the creek. Admire the 70 metre, giant Satinay trees. They are an extraordinary product of ecology given that the island is formed almost exclusively of sand. A longer walk ascends through the forest to Basin Lake, less famous than McKenzie, but one of the prettiest on the island.

For a pleasant afternoon, drive about 5km south and take the popular walk into Lake Wabby and swim in the company of giant catfish. The water is a striking green and the fish are big, but don’t be put off it is a memorable and fun experience. For the energetic, the continuing walk over the far dune and through the bush up to the high forest lookout is highly recommended. Either way, return via the great sand dune with its spectacular vistas over the forest, beach and ocean.

For a less well known stroll, try the circuit to the coloured sands of Rainbow Gorge and the eerie lunar landscape of Kirrar Sandblow. The path to the entrance is directly from the beach about 4km north of our properties, perfectly positioned for cool drinks or an ice cream afterwards at Happy Valley.

There are many more lakes, valleys and forests to explore either on foot or via the extensive map of tourist drives with varying degrees of challenge. The Valley of the Giants, with enormous trees thought to be over a 1000 years old and the shops and restaurants of eco-friendly Kingfisher Bay resort facing out over the Great Sandy Strait and Hervey Bay are also popular with visitors.