Fraser Island, Queensland | Beach Front Holiday House & Cottage

Explore the Beaches

The Eastern Beach
The beautiful sands of the Eastern Beach stretch 90km past the property from north to south. 15 minutes drive to the north is freshwater swimming in popular Eli Creek. The rusty remnants of the elegant Maheno ocean liner are just a little further on. Once you leave Eli Creek travel a little further for the famous coloured sands at The Pinnacles and Red Canyon.

At the end of the beach is Indian Head. It’s a scramble up the hill but it is worth it for the 360 degree view of the island and its beaches. Once you go round Indian Head another short stretch of beach leads to the Champagne Pools where the intricate network of rock pools are continually replenished by the surf.

The beaches continue around the island, but before travelling to the more remote northern beaches, seek local advice on weather and beach conditions so you know how much further it is possible and advisable to travel.

As with all adventures, always leave plenty of time for the return journey and consider rising tides and the corresponding reducing width of the beach. Eli Creek may become altogether impassable when the tide is high.

The Western Beach
Adventure seekers may like to head over to the remote, but stunning Western Beach. Access is via the inland road from The Pinnacles (entry a little north of The Maheno) to Woralie Creek. This is a long trip, especially if travelling any distance up the Western Beach and you must pay attention to the tides.

Vehicles are permitted on the Western Beach from Moon Point to Towoi Creek. Access is closed beyone Towoi Creek. Be warned, this beach can sometimes be boggy from buried weed or soft sand. Great care should be taken crossing the fast flowing creeks, which may be deceptively soft or deep, especially on an incoming tide. In this area it’s always advisable to travel with more than one vehicle in convoy.