Fraser Island, Queensland | Beach Front Holiday House & Cottage

Travel to Fraser Island

Fraser Beachfront Holidays is situated on the Eastern Beach of Fraser Island, just north of the Poyungan Rocks outcrop. It is about half way between Eurong (8 km to the south) and Happy Valley (7 km to the north).

Access to the Island is via ferry either from Inskip Point at the southern tip of the Island or from Hervey Bay (River Heads) to Kingfisher Bay or Wanggoolba Creek jetty. Once on Fraser Island both journeys take around an hour. A four-wheel drive vehicle is essential on Fraser Island. Without such a vehicle you will need to leave your car at home and rely on taxis during your stay. If you wish to access most of the tracks we also recommend your vehicle is an off-road vehicle with high clearance. Indeed on occasion the incoming journey can be an exciting introduction to the holiday.

Inskip Point (Rainbow Beach) to Hook Point – Southern End of Island
Take the Tin Can Bay turn-off just south of Gympie and follow the signage to Rainbow beach, then north to Inskip Point. Barges run continuously in daylight hours and there is no need to make a booking, although at busy times there maybe a short wait. Crossing time is around 10 minutes. The return fare for a 4WD vehicle and passengers is $120 as at June 2018.

From Inskip Point you travel north along the beach enjoying the spectacular scenery all the way. The beach itself is the gazetted road, and all normal road rules apply. However unlike most roads its width varies with the position of the moon, some parts regularly vanishing altogether. In this context guests should note that the beach around the southern end of the Island at Hook Point is generally passable for only about two hours either side of low tide.

Alternatively there is an inland road accessible just north of where the barge lands. This route takes you behind the dunes as far as beach access points at 11km and 18km north of the landing. From either point you then join the beach for the rest of the journey.There are a number of points where beach travel is interrupted by by-passes around rock structures, the most significant of which are at Poyungan Rocks itself, and further north at Yidney Rocks and Happy Valley, Indian Head, Middle Rocks, Waddy Point and Ngkala Rocks.

River Heads (Hervey Bay) to Wanggoolba Creek – West Coast of Island
Take the Maryborough exit off the Bruce Highway then follow the signs to River Heads at the mouth of the Mary River. Barges leave River Heads at 8.30 a.m, 10.15 a.m and 4.00 p.m daily. They leave Wanggoolba Creek at 9.00 a.m, 3.00 p.m and 5.00 p.m however departure times can vary when there are adverse tidal conditions. Crossing time is around 35 minutes.

Please note booking is essential. The return fare for a 4WD plus the driver is $200 peak or $175 off-peak as at June 2018. Additional passengers to the driver are $5 per person. To book and pay phone 1800 227 437.

Access from either of the Hervey Bay ferry terminals is via picturesque inland tracks through the rainforest via Central Station to Eurong beach and then a 10 minute tretch of beach driving to Poyungan Rocks. Tracks are generally well maintained but conditions may vary, becoming rough and boggy at times, soft and sandy at others. Guests are welcome to contact our caretakers before travelling, who will be happy to advise on the current situation.

Vehicle Permits

Please note that Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service permits ($49.90 as at June 2018) are required for all vehicles coming to Fraser Island. It is also advisable to check guidance on recommended tyre pressures, particularly if anticipating conditions of soft sand.

Buy your permit at QPWS offices, at outlets at River Heads and Rainbow Beach, online or by phone (Smart Service QLD 131304).

Contact phone numbers:

  • Manta Ray Barges (Inskip Point) – 07 5486 3935 or 04 1887 2599
  • Eurong Beach Resort & Barges (River Heads) – 1800 227 437 or 07 4194 9300
  • Air Fraser Island – 07 4125 3600
  • Fraser Island Taxi Service – 07 4127 9188
  • 4WD hire – consult Yellow Pages